Humanely Relocating Animals Away from Your Property: What You Need to Know

It's important to remember that all species native to Florida contribute to the balance of ecosystems. While an individual animal that exhibits behavior that conflicts with human expectations may be labeled as “annoying wildlife,” we must be careful not to apply this term to an entire species. It's a popular myth that annoying wildlife can simply be relocated. It seems easy enough, but it should be considered only as a last resort after all other preventive measures have been tried and failed. Relocating wildlife has little chance of survival, and this action may affect other wild animals that already live in the area.

Homeowners should not be looking for a wildlife exterminator, but for a company that extracts and relocates wildlife in a humane manner.

Humanitarian elimination of wildlife

has to do with animal safety. Homeowners should insist on capturing and releasing live animals, and a humanitarian wildlife removal service will do so if the animal doesn't have rabies. Professionals cannot relocate and release an animal if they suspect it is infected with rabies, as those animals pose a risk to the rest of the wildlife population. These animals are humanely sacrificed so as not to cause suffering to the animal.

A humane and ethical wildlife removal service must be licensed and have evidence of guaranteed exclusion and eviction strategies. They should also ensure that the animals are returned to a new home suited to their needs; ideally, the animals should be reunited with their families. At Rapid Rodent Removal, we try to raise abandoned animals until they can be released into the wild while eliminating wildlife in Dallas, and although sometimes a mother raccoon dies in the attic or a mother possum is found dead under the house. Once we get the dead animals, we'll take the orphaned babies to a local organization that excels in rehabilitation, for most Animal in the Attic issues. When you hear scratching noises in the attic, a wildlife removal inspection will thoroughly inspect your home to find out how the animals got inside.

Once we've trapped the animals outside the attic, we'll close all entry points with top quality products to ensure that annoying animals don't return. We never use foam for squirrels, rats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, mice, flying squirrels, squirrels or any other annoying animal that can easily chew on it. Capturing human life and relocating more than 20 miles away so that animals don't return. Local animal control or rescue services are usually free of charge, and customers will want to call one of these groups to get stray dogs or cats out of a property. Having the right information at your disposal can make it easier to choose the best wildlife removal services. Your state and local licensed technicians will survey the property, assess wildlife problems, and provide removal solutions.

Companies that are certified by the National Association of Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOA) are trained in managing all types of wildlife and know how to safely remove and relocate unwanted creatures. With a list of specialized services including bear control, beaver prey removal, nest removal, wildlife inspections for home purchases, and more, AAAC Wildlife Removal provides wildlife control, removal and cleaning services. Before you search online for a “wildlife removal service near me” consider these recommendations for animal removal services. Some wild animal transfer companies offer a 365-day or lifetime warranty, and others promise to return home free of charge if the problem isn't resolved. Wildlife hunters and property owners do not need to notify or obtain authorization from the FWC to take the most destructive or annoying wildlife off private property.

Some will eliminate larger mammals, but it's always important to ask what types of pests the wild animal control company will eliminate. If they're still finding ways to get in, call a wildlife removal service to get rid of the bat colony safely. Professional wild animal control isn't just about getting wildlife out of a home, but also about making sure it doesn't re-enter. When wildlife ends up where it doesn't belong, it's recommended to call in a professional for removal and prevention. When it's time to call a wildlife control professional, consider several factors before hiring wildlife removal services. A personalized plan for every customer is essential when dealing with humanely relocating animals away from your property.

At Rapid Rodent Removal we understand this need and strive to provide our customers with tailored solutions that meet their individual needs while ensuring safety for both humans and animals alike.

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