What Training Do Wildlife Removal Service Technicians Have?

Wildlife technicians typically need a degree in biology or a closely related field to work in the industry. An associate degree in wildlife management or a high school diploma may be sufficient for some positions, especially when applicants have related experience. Pest control workers must have a high school diploma and most states require them to have a license. Most companies require a wildlife technician to have a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as biology or wildlife management.

The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) has developed a professional certification program to evaluate the education and professional experience of wildlife control operators. This two-day practical, classroom-type course is taught by NWCOA master instructors and certified NWCOA instructors and is designed to train new and existing WCOs that provide wildlife management services on residential and commercial properties. Gregg Schumaker, training coordinator for the NWCOA, is a certified NWCOA instructor for the wildlife control operator training course, the advanced operator training course, and is an NWCOA master instructor for the Bat Standards certified training course. He has worked for the USDA Animal, Plant and Health Inspection Service — Animal Damage Control as a full-time wildlife control technician in North Carolina.

During this course, participants will learn what questions to ask to identify customer needs, explain how their service meets or exceeds their expectations, and understand when their service cannot satisfy their customer. Charles Holt, president of the NWCOA and owner of Advantage Wildlife Removal in New Richmond, OH, has presented at regional and national wildlife control training events on topics such as wildlife management, ethics, exclusion or reparations to stop future conflicts with wildlife and other topics. Wildlife technicians need to have the right qualifications and experience to work in the industry. The NWCOA provides certification courses to help technicians gain the knowledge they need to provide effective services.

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